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As some of you might have seen on my Insta Story yesterday my vacations in March are granted. Which means to me finding a cheap flight to India. Yes, I will go to India again and if you read my Blog regularly or follow me on Instagram you already know my love for India ;-). There’s currently no other place I’d rather want to go and explore more. I feel homesick everyday and want nothing more to escape the cold Swiss weather. Before planning our itinerary I prefer to book a cheap flight first. Don’t ask me why but that’s just what I prefer to book first. So let me show you how to find cheap flights right here.

View from the plane to the airport

The one thing I kind of love doing, but at the same time I just waste my time searching for a cheap flight online. Wherever I look there are different prices and some are just ridiculous expensive and I can not figure out why. So this time I thought I will make it easier for me and I found an awesome tool called Jetradar. Jetradar is a simple flight and Hotel search engine tool and it compares 726 Airlines for their cheapest flights. Before revealing you a super cool travel hack which also has to do with finding a cheap flights you can try out Jetradar right here:

My super cool travel hack

Ever since I know about this super cool travel hack I use this each time I book a flight. Let me ask you a question. When do you usually book a flight? During the week or on the weekend? I am sure with your busy life you book it on the weekend like I used to do. Am I right? Let me tell you that this is what mostly all people do. When you do this it kind of reserves a seat in the system of the airline and shoots up the prices for the other visitors. Why? Because the less seats are available the more expensive the ticket. Rare things always are more expensive. Logical right? So when are the best times to book a flight then? According to some studies the cheapest days to buy a flight ticket are Tuesdays and Wednesday.

So the best thing you can do is to compare the flight fares with a cool flight search engine like jetradar and do this on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

I hope I could give you a useful travel hack and you will find the cheap flights you were searching for! Have a safe flight and fun wherever you are traveling to!

Me at the airport in Jaisalmer


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