How to plan a trip to India

Are you also planning a trip to India? I actually am planning my 4th trip to India and just remembered how I felt before booking my first trip. Booking flights and Hotels is easy but to travel to India you will need a e-Tourist Visa and this is pretty confusing if you google it. So in todays post I want to show you how to plan a trip to India as there are a lot of visa scammers out there and you want to get an actual visa, right?

While I am writing this Blogpost I just saw that the changed a lot since my last trip in March this year.

3 simple steps to travel to India

  1. Go to the official e-Tourist Visa site of the Indian Government and find the right Tourist Visa for your trip. Currently there are 3 different e-Tourist Visas:
  • One Month e-Tourist Visa
  •  One year e-Tourist Visa
  •  Five years e-Tourist Visa
  1.  Get your Passport and a picture ready and fill out every single step in their form and at the end you have to upload your Passport and your clear picture in jpg. Send the Visa application and pay the fee which is different from country to country.

  2. Now all you have to do is wait between 12-72 hours to receive your e-Tourist visit and print it out.

One important suggestion I can give you while in India, carry the copy of the e-tourist Visa on you at all times! The Passport is a must to carry with you anyway, as the stamps of the immigration are in there and like all countries you always have to identify yourself! I was never checked from police, but at 1 Hotel they asked for the printed e-Tourist Visa and took a copy of it.

Are you ready?

Once you hold your e-Tourist Visa in your hands you are free to book your flight(s) and your Hotels and enjoy India. Actually I always went on risk and booked my flight before getting my e-Tourist Visa and it was never an issue. But this is something I would not recommend. I just always did it this way in my excitement to go to my second home. Yes this is what traveling to India makes me feel, going home.

You will find more about my love for India on mostly all other articles here on Cat chooses happiness and on my Instagram @Talataki

Have a wonderful time India, enjoy it with every sense and just go with the flow!

I will now also apply for my e-Tourist Visa and my anticipation to leave again is huuuuuge!

If there is anything you want to know about traveling to India just ask down below in the comments and I am sure I can help you!

Taj Mahal


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