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So it has been pretty quiet lately on my Travel and Happiness Blog. Actually I was just busy with my actual job and more active micro blogging on Instagram. A lot of things happened since my last blog post and I just decided to start writing in English instead of German but you can translate the whole blog in your decided language.(on the top left!)

What has changed?

So what has changed? 

Life is full of surprises and life keeps changing so often! I really love this part of life although sometimes changes can hurt and changes can be so confusing. My change is still going on and the point is I know what I want but somehow the path to get there is more confusing than I thought so. Some things are still a secret and only a few people know about my future plans.

In Spring I went to India again and actually had the most beautiful trip I could ever imagine. Everyone I met somehow confirmed my reason why I always have this feeling of coming home while in India. As some of you may know I always felt very connected to India, who knows why. 

Pani Puri in Jaipur
Pani Puri in Jaipur

On this last trip I not only ate at my Indian friends home. I celebrated Holi in, rode a Camel in the Thar desert, have a new Tattoo and I also founded an association called Yes we exist with an Indian friend. This time I really saw the real India besides the touristy hotspots (which I of course love as-well) and ever since I am more in love with this country. This trip changed so many things in me which I really love!

So what will change here on my Travel and Happiness Blog?

I want to tell the world how amazing India is and kind of wish to fusion my Swiss heritage and my love for India more. But as this is a travel and happiness blog I will also post about other trips I will do or already made. The world is too pretty not to be explored! As there are so many more countries I still want to explore and so much more happiness to be spread in this world!

I want to inspire you guys as much as you inspire me!

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Stay tuned for future posts and never forget to “Sparkle and Shine”!

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