Pani Puri in Jaipur

Why I love India so much?

I think the question “Why do you love India so much” is the most frequent question I get asked on Instagram and also from friends and colleagues. So today I want to answer you this question and tell you why I love India so much. Specially for all of you curious people I made my very first Youtube video:

So I hope I could answer you some of the reasons why I love India so much. I am really looking forward on some feedback and/or suggestions. So please leave me a comment here on the Blog or on my Youtube channel!

What places I forgot

Now I just realized what places I forgot to add and to be honest there are some. But *sigh this is my first Youtube video and as some of you already know me I am always authentically myself.

So I forgot the beautiful Mehrangarh Fort and the Mandore Garden in Jodhpur, the Elora caves in Aurangabad and many more places. As this Blog is only starting to grow I will add all these places one by one! So stay tunes follow my Youtube channel and of course my most active account Talataki on Instagram!

I am looking forward hearing from you on any of those channels 🙂




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